Arrival, Legal Status, Health

Working groups and final presentations

Fri, Mar 4, 2016
11 am–2 pm

In English

Refugees, volunteers, activists, digital developers, theorists and artists gather to discuss tools and strategies for refugee’s self-organization. The situation in Germany is changing dramatically. New challenges are coming up. What needs to be done? What is important for empowerment and self-organization? In working groups, refugees and non-refugees activists and their supporters meet to analyze the current needs and develop responses.

Arrival Situation
Those arriving in Berlin seeking protection end up living in situations of permanent improvisation. Networks such as Moabit hilft and Pankow hilft make up for many of these deficiencies; they coordinate the solidary work of volunteer support groups. What tools and offers are lacking? What still needs to be done? Moderation: Ludger Lemper (Pankow hilft)

Legal Status
German law on aliens has 59 types of temporary residence permits. Although the right to rights is a foundation of human rights, in many parts of Europe asylum law is being tightened. What are the consequences of the latest developments?
With Refugee Law Clinic e.V. a.o. Moderation: Julia Duchrow (Brot für die Welt).

Access to medical care during flight is extremely problematic. Self-organized initiatives such as Medibüro and Medinetz organize medical care for people regardless of their residence status. What is needed – politically and pragmatically – to ensure the right to health? With Jens-Peter Schmidt (Medizin hilft Flüchtlingen), Moderation: Silvia Fehrmann

1.30 pm: Public presentation