The Gigantic Jelly-Blob

With Valentina Karga

Sat, Feb 6, 2016
Conference Room 1
7.30–10.30 pm
Please note: Participants will be admitted at 19:30 or 21:00. Please choose your slot. Register Here

The Gigantic Jelly-Blob is part of a larger investigation into the creation, validation, and dissemination of art in the immaterial economy. The uncontrollable, diffuse monsters of financialization and precarity invade not only our work ethics but also the most personal corners of our lives.

What is the role of the artist in a financialized (art) world? The viewer is invited to participate in a lecture-performance with Valentina Karga in which they will shape an immaterial sculpture, creating thus a space for communication, togetherness, and embodiment of ideas. Using fiction and metaphors, we will be looking across a capitalist horizon and share our findings, reflections, and ideas. No particular knowledge or skills are required. The event includes a sound intervention by Dimitris Papadatos.