With Brian Holmes and Steve Rowell

Wed, Feb 3, 2016
7–11.59 pm
Free admission

Lobbying agencies, think tanks, and advocacy groups are everywhere in Washington, DC. Some of these institutions are aligned with bipartisan efforts toward regulation and the public good, while others represent pure business interests; still others have mastered the dark arts of covert campaign financing.

Classifying these disparate institutions is next to impossible. Despite this elusiveness, they all are finally situated at real places behind mirrored facades, between neoclassical columns, or nestled in office parks. Parallelograms (2015) is concerned with this world parallel to our own. The project operates at the intersection of geography, landscape, economy, and the United States' culture of political gridlock. Steve Rowell’s installation comprises a looped video projection, a large-scale map, and a text written by Brian Holmes.

With a talk between Brian Holmes and Steve Rowell (21:00 h)