Ofifus (2015)

Reto Pulfer

Thu, Oct 1, 2015
9 pm
Free admission

“The cans! Get the cans!” So I packed up this food as well. Then the seeds and kernels that could be transformed with clean water into sprouts and consumed in subterranean cellars, air bunkers, in moving flight bunkers while travelling. “The structure of the world is collapsing,” she said. Then we just fled and were among the few survivors of the dehydrated landscape.

I belonged to the flight and the flight belonged to me, the sense of being pursued is something that has not left me until today, since I later tried to give things a different trajectory and have been sought out by the new organizers of survivors until today. Gina became Ephémera. I looked around and saw how everything shook, and everything collapsed in a state of unbelievable marvel. The fixed, the concrete, the walls, things became fissured: everything fell apart. “Gina, Gina!” I was asked to pay attention, to prepare, the end of the world.
(From the novel Gina by Reto Pulfer)

Reto Pulfer was born in Bern in 1981 and currently lives in Berlin. His expansive installations of fabric sometime appear as three-dimensional expansions of abstract paintings of states, and sometimes as artful “objectivations” of the mnemotechnological architecture of visually imagined stories. The self-taught artist was recently awarded a painting scholarship from the Marianne and Hansfriedrich Defet Stiftung. In his temporal landscapes he plays with expressive performances and his own sound compositions, or musical and language improvisations. His works have been presented internationally in solo shows at Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva (2015), Hollybush Gardens, London (2013), and Nuremberg’s Kunstverein/Albrecht Dürer Gesellschaft (2013).