About Interrobang

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Nina Tecklenburg, Till Müller-Klug and Lajos Talamonti are Interrobang. They develop new theatrical formats with artists from different fields dealing with current sociopolitical phenomena and issues. In installation-like theater spaces or participative game settings, the audience can test, experience and reflect on scenic communication models. Playing with the theatrical community thus becomes a play with current and possible future forms of society and value systems. Multiple options are central to Interrobang’s work. The plays offer space for branching out, multiple outcomes or unpredictable dramaturgies. The viewers are often decision-makers. Interrobang’s projects are always also about democratic processes, the possibilities and limits of co-determination and freedom (or lack) of choice.

Interrobang performs on German-language stages and at international festivals such as the Heidelberg Stückemarkt, Impulse Theater Festival, Festival Akcent Prague, NONAME Festival Meyerhold Theater Moscow and Ivan Franko Theater Kiev.