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Sep 14–19, 2021


The Self-Learning Robo-Taxi by Interrobang

Mobile Performance
In German

Sept 14–19, 2021

Meeting point: HKW’s box office

In the future, who will be behind the wheel? What happens when competence is handed over to artificial intelligence? What ethical standards need to be developed and how will decision-making still be possible?

Fully autonomous driving has not yet been technically implemented, but the Soulmachine by the Interrobang performance collective catapults the audience into the future with a drive through Berlin and an interactive game played by passengers and artificial intelligence (AI). Five people take a seat in a specially developed concept car. They communicate with the AI and together take control of the vehicle. With questions and answers, storytelling, offers to play along and decision-making, the machine moderates the passengers’ social interaction and devises the route from their collective decisions. Who will take responsibility?