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Berlin Art Week 2018

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A project by Wolfgang Scheppe with Roberto Ohrt and Eleonora Sovrani, based on the research and collection of the Arsenale Institute for Politics of Representation, Venice
Exhibition organization: Marie Letz

Department of Visual Arts and Film

General coordination: Franziska Janetzky
Trainee: Lisa Deml
Intern: Constantin Böhm

Head: Anselm Franke
Program coordination: Agnes Wegner
Processing: Cornelia Pilgram, Anke Ulrich

Exhibition architecture and set-up

Exhibition design: Arsenale Institute for Politics of Representation
General coordination: Gernot Ernst
Exhibition set-up: Martin Behrmann, Oliver Büchi, Oliver Dehn, Paul Eisemann, Simon Franzkowiak, Stefan Geiger, Matthias Henkel, Stephan Gabriel Kujawa, Matthias Kujawa, Simon Lupfer, Sladjan Nedeljkovic, Leila Okanovic, Jan Proest, Ralf Rose, Andrew Schmidt, Stefan Seitz, Elisabeth Sinn, Norio Takasugi, Christian Vontobel
Restoration: Catherina Blohm, Susanne Grzimek
Art handling: Christian Dertinger, Marie Luise Stein, Norio Takasugi
Wall construction: FACtum
Video processing: Matthias Hartenberger, Simon Franzkowiak
Graphic design: Arsenale Institute for Politics of Representation, NODE Berlin Oslo

Exhibition titles and booklet

Graphic design: NODE Berlin Oslo
Authors: Wolfgang Scheppe, Roberto Ohrt
Translations (G→E): Nicholas Grindell
Translations (E→G): Frank Lachmann
Editing (E): Nicholas Grindell
Editing (G): Frank Lachmann

Technical Department

Technical Director: Matthias Helfer
Head of Event Engineering: Benjamin Pohl
Head of Sound and Video Engineering: André Schulz
Lighting Operations Manager: Adrian Pilling
Hall Supervisor: Benjamin Brandt
Sound and Video: Simon Franzkowiak, Matthias Hartenberger, Anastasios Papiomytoglou
Sound: Andreas Druchgraf, Klaus Tabert
Lighting and Stage: Stephan Barthel, Frederick Langkau, Carsten Palme, Leonardo Rende, Nicholas Tanton, Patrik Vogt, Jason Dorn, Eduardo Adao Abdala, Bastian Heide, Marcus Köhler, Lucas Kämmerer, Marlene Merchert, Leonard Brunner, Marcos Pérez

Department of Communications and Cultural Education

Head: Daniel Neugebauer
Editorial Office: Franziska Wegener, Anna Etteldorf, Tarik Kemper
Digital Editorial Director: Karen Khurana
Digital Editorial Team Karen Khurana, Jan Koehler, Kristin Drechsler, Stephan Ritscher, Luna Fischer
Press Office: Anne Maier, Timur El Rafie, Laura Mühlbauer
Public Relations: Christiane Sonntag, Sabine Westemeier
Dokumentation Office: Svetlana Bierl, Pakorn Duriyaprasit
Cultural Education: Eva Stein, Dorett Mumme

HKW Library

Sieglinde Tuschy, Sonja Faulhaber (Cultural Archives Services), Annica Riewe, Anja Wiech

Haus der Kulturen der Welt is supported by the Minister of State for Culture and the Media as well as by the Federal Foreign Office.

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