Caroline Assad

Caroline Assad completed her master’s degree in education sciences at the FU Berlin on the topic of “Welcome Classes as Educational Discourse”. Amongst other things, she has worked as a lecturer at the Berlin campus of the German University Cairo, as project coordination assistant for the DAAD project Gender Equality in the Egyptian Higher Education System in Cairo and in Berlin, and at the Service Center for Research at the HU Berlin. As part of her work for the organization CamP Group gGmbH she directed projects in evaluation, advice and educational settings characterized by heterogeneity, multilingualism, and complex network structures. After work experience in evaluation, consulting and educational settings, she now works as the managing director of the non-profit association Wir machen das and is completing a fellowship program at the Young Network of the German Council on Foreign Policy.

Schools of Tomorrow 1 & 2

Testing the Schools of the Future: A Practice-Oriented Further Education Course for Teachers

May 21–Nov 7, 2019