Test Run for the School of the Future

Concluding Program

Design: NODE Berlin Oslo

On June 13 and 14 Haus der Kulturen der Welt will be transformed into a utopian school. In an experimental class schedule participants from the school projects will test the ideas developed for the school of the future in workshops, experiments, and discussions. From 3 pm the event will be open to the public: Visitors can examine wall newspapers, architectural models, music videos, and other submissions to the ideas competition, browse through pedagogical books, or sample a sustainable alternative to the school cafeteria at the Anthropocene Kiosk. Workshops for art educators and teachers offer a forum for discussion between participants and educational experts, while in short lectures participating teachers and artists present the school projects. In a discussion experts from educational theory and practice reflect on the central questions: How can the ability to develop models for the future be trained? Which learning environments promote better learning and living? How can a democratic school be put into practice? And what role does art play in this? At the public award ceremony for the Ideas Competition It’s Our School! on June 14 the students themselves will speak in the presence of the Federal President, presenting their visions how schools could be transformed.