Migrating Spaces, © Stefanie Buerkle / VG Bild-Kunst, 2014

Mar 18–20, 2016

Migrating Spaces

Architecture and identity in context of turkish remigration

In Cooperation

Installation, panels, workshops

Mar 18–20, 2016

There are houses in Turkey that are somehow German, but Turkish too. An exhibition and conference about houses built by returned migrants and their often unfulfilled dreams in a country that has partly grown foreign to them.

An area in current discourse about migration and integration that up until now has been given little attention is the migration of spaces. When people move, so do spaces, along with images, cultural practices and lifestyles. Using the example of ‘Almancı’ houses, built by former Turkish guest workers who return to Turkey, Stefanie Bürkle has investigated the complex and conflicting relationships between German-Turkish identity and built space. The results of the three-year research project, presented as an installation of videos, mappings, images and collages, provides fascinating and surprising insights into the lives and spaces created by Turkish migrants when they return.

An art and research project by Stefanie Bürkle, TU Berlin.