A Matter Theater, © Sholem Krishtalka, 2014

Oct 16–18, 2014

A Matter Theater

Positions, Roundtables, Dialogs, Screenings, Performances, Workshops

Oct 16–18, 2014

In the Anthropocene, it will be necessary to reformulate a variety of phenomena and processes of being in the world and making the world. Rapid climate change, biodiversity shrinkage, or the dispersion of anthropogenic materials take on a life of their own: what practices, knowledge-forms, and modes of participation are required within the Anthropocene? What do material processes mean for the articulation of the world around us?

Humans are not just in the world, humans also create the world. Demonstrations, Practices, and Exchanges bring together and engage with ways of knowing and doing. Artists, theorists, and scholars from around the world trace the impacts of human activity in the dynamic fabric of metabolic cycles and physical states, geohistorical events and planetary technologies.

A Matter Theater turns its attention to the reciprocity of earthly materials and political issues, that is, matter and matters. Accompanying the first meeting of the Anthropocene Working Group, and together with the cooperation of artists, theoreticians, and practitioners from around the world, a situational space of collaborative thought exercises, presentations, and workshops will develop at HKW.

Curated by Katrin Klingan, Ashkan Sepahvand, Christoph Rosol and Janek Müller

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