Evil Music (Böse Musik), Narco Cultura, Shaul Schwarz, USA/Mexico 2013, Film still, © Promo
Evil Music (Böse Musik), Erlend Erichsen, Photo: Fredrik Arff

Oct 24–27, 2013

Evil Music (Böse Musik)

Odes to Violence, Death and Demons

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Oct 24–27, 2013

“The evil has no songs,” or so goes an old German saying. Yet an English saying contradicts this point of view: “The devil has all the best tunes.” More than any other art form, music seems to tend to romanticize violence, be it in gangsta-rap, death metal, mafia songs, the rembetiko, warrior songs, or old ballads in praise of murderers.

Besides addressing these musics, Böse Musik (Evil Music) will also look at Muzak, sonic warfare, and Nazi rock. Here, the intentionality of humanity is studied using a musical example: what drives people? Why do they marvel at lawbreakers? Why do we find violence sexy? What music sounds evil from the point of view of which morality or lifestyle?

In the framework of: