Nov 25–28, 2009

Worldtronics 09

Electronica Surprise


Premiere of the multimedia laptop opera “Fathers” by the international women's ensemble The Lappetites; a musical air lift between the Spree and the Bosporus in cooperation with the Kreuztanbul-Festival; neon-colored South-East Asian electro-pop; dance-crazy Cumbia Digital

There’s electronic music beyond club culture (just as there’s club culture without electronica - though disco is another story). The first “Love Parade” marked the birth of techno and club. Perhaps electronic music hadn’t existed as a lifestyle, ideology, or even as a substitute for religion in this form before- but the music most certainly did. Bands like Depeche Mode, The Human League, and earlier Kraftwerk and Neu are representative of the style. Before them, experimental composers like Stockhausen liberated the form, creating a genre unto its own.

Worldtronics has always been seen as a festival that explores all aspects of electronica, and not as a series of parties (though in Berlin there most certainly will be quite a few going on). Worldtronics’ goal is to surprise you, not confirm your expectations. 2009 brings you psychedelic noise from Istanbul and synthpop from Southeast Asia. And of course the latest club music from South America: Cumbia Digital. Worldtronics 09 is also premiering the multimedia laptop opera, “Fathers” from the Lappetites, a live event of a genre yet to be named. Adventure, pioneering spirit, thinking outside the box – that’s what this is all about.

Detlef Diederichsen