The Endless Summer, © 2008 Bruce Brown Film, LLC
Hamid Baroudi, © Promo
Eliza Carthy, © Promo

Jul 10–27, 2008

Wassermusik: Surf, Sailor Songs and Tiki

Summer Open-Air Festival

Concerts, Installation, Films, Discussions, Performances, Lectures

SUNSET ON THE RIVER SPREE – with Surf music: the soundtrack to wild Californian beach life in the early 1960s. And Tiki, the artistic expression of the insatiable desire for an imaginary Polynesian paradise. And shanties, with seamen singing about their hard lives, their fascination with the sea, the gods and the dangers of life on the ocean waves.

Together with the Beach Bar, deckchairs and hammock, that makes three relaxing long weekends at a new festival on the Spree Embankment.

An open-air film series on WATER MUSIC: Murnau’s South Sea epic Tabu and documentary films with breathtaking shots of surfers on the gigantic waves of the seas. There will also be rounds of talks in which ship’s mechanics (in their free-time) and ecologists (at work) examine the coral atoll behind all the South-Sea hype: after all, the sea is also a workplace, and water itself is so elementary that too little or too much can decide our future on this planet. These scenarios will be acted out in one of the WATER MUSIC workshops. What would happen if … Berlin had a South Sea atmosphere in fifty years time?

Sunset on the River Spree – with music, pictures, reflections and events on everything related to the oceans and the seas. For those who want to listen or watch, for beach-boys and mermaids, and for children and their carers. For pirates, poets and politicians, as well as for navigators, conservationists and the inquisitive. For air guitarists, choir singers and people who just enjoy humming along. Not to mention friends of light summer food and choice cocktails. The place to meet in July.