Susanne Schmitt

Susanne Schmitt likes working in the complex weaves of the history of science’s stories and atmospheres. More-than-human lifeforms, knowledge institutions, and the olfactory are a focus of her work. As an ethnographer, she utilizes movement experimentation and sensory ethnography. Since receiving her PhD from the LMU Munich with a sensory ethnography of the Deutsches Hygiene Museum Dresden (Ein Wissenschaftsmuseum geht unter die Haut, transcript, 2012), she has worked ethnographically with aquarium designers (Exploring Atmospheres Ethnographically with Sara Schroer, Routledge 2017) and with dancers on entrainment and synchronization (Lizabeth Waterhouse, Dancing together, 2016-18. Together with Laurie Young she is creative director of the VolkswagenStiftung-funded duo How to Not be A Stuffed Animal – Moving Museums of Natural History through Multispecies Choreography.

As of May 2019