Proximities. Folded Readings on the Archival

Editors: Priyanka Basu, Naz Cuguoğlu, Ann Harezlak, Lama El Khatib, Sonja Mattes, Marie Schamboeck, Ting Tsou
16 Pages, english edition
Color illustrations, folded paperback with insert
ISBN 978-3-00-071818-2
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This publication draws upon various impulses, practices, and methods of the Whole Life Academy, offering as such an insight into a multitude of collective research processes produced and developed within the Academy’s nomadic curriculum.

The publication is occupied as a space in which the different contributions sit in close proximity, approach one another, overlap, converse, dialogue, and fold their specificities into one another. The publication’s format invites you to encounter it as a multi-layered object, juxtapose its various components, and form your own constellations of text, image, and concept.

The interdisciplinary, international Whole Life Academy is an experimental and collaborative initiative for on-going research and reflection on archival positions, infrastructures, and materialities.

Table of contents:

Desktop as Digital Culture: A Conversation With Dragan Espenschied
Jacob Moe

Under the Tree
Ollie George, Katia Golovko, Edi Winarni

Nothing to Be Done: Archived Performances of Waiting
Geli Mademli

Letters From an Indeterminate Future: Remnants of the Archives of Reconfigured Past
Özge Çelikaslan, Naz Cuguoğlu

Archival Bodies
Ann Harezlak, Amanda Martin Katz

Biography of Kecak
Edi Winarni

Archival Workout
Daniela Duca, Ksenia Jakobson, Ingrid Kraus, Ting Tsou, Julian Volz, Marlena von Wedel

Of Gemini in Frozen Time. Archival Planets
Marie Schamboeck

underline, that. towards an archiving score
Marie Schamboeck

Prairie Remnants: Settler-Colonial and Indigenous Histories in a Nontraditional Archive
Priyanka Basu, Steve Rowell