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Wassermusik: Mississippi

Festival Concerts, films, literature, Jul 16–Aug 6, 2022

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The Pornographic Imaginary | No Master Territories

Marc Siegel with Angelika Levi and Claudia Schillinger Original version Podcast, July 2022

Audio – 0:41:42

Women’s Nonfiction in Peru | No Master Territories

Isabel Seguí with Lorena Best, Mauricio Godoy, Sara Guerrero & Patricia Oliart Original version Podcast, June 2022

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No Master Territories

Feminist Worldmaking and the Moving Image Exhibition, Jun 19–Aug 28, 2022

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No Master Territories | Trailer

Exhibition, cinema, publication, podcast Jun 19–Aug 28, 2022

Video – 1:14:06

Take 2 - Memory of The Future: Edgar Morin

Part of “Documentary Moments” With Rene Gabri, Ayreen Anastas, François Bucher and Eyal Sivan Talk, screening, Jun 4, 2010

Video – 3:14:12

The Whole Life, told by one person

The Whole Life, told by one person is a biographic experimental arrangement. In a performance in front of a live audience, a person, in this case Arjun Appadurai, attempts to tell their entire life story to a listener in 3-4 hours.

Video – 3:23:22

New Alphabet School #Survivance

With Filipa César, Elizabeth Povinelli, Karrabing Film Collective and others English original version Lecture and screenings, Jul 05, 2021

Video – 0:21:15

2+2=22 [The Alphabet] (German)

Short presentation Bettina Steinbrügge German original version Presentation, Oct 17, 2021

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Berlin [Underground] (German)

Short presentation by Stefanie Schulte Strathaus German original version Presentation, Oct 17, 2021