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New Alphabet School #Feralizing

Lectures, workshops, discussions, performance, listening piece, June 9–11, 2022

Video – 1:51:31

Clashing Presents: Between Big Melt and Small Governance

With Victor Galaz, Cymene Howe, Liz Thomas and Ricarda Winkelmann Original version Presentations, discussions, May 21, 2022

Video – 0:46:50

Exchange on Deep Time and Deep Response-ability

With Jamie Allen and Irka Hajdas, moderated by Neli Wagner English original version Conversation, May 21, 2022

Audio – 1:31:57

Vanishing Points of Memory

The Holocaust and Colonialism in Contemporary Discourse With Natan Sznaier, moderated by Hanno Hauenstein German original version Book presentation, talk, Apr 28, 2022

Audio – 1:16:14

Performing Environmental Justice. Staged Reflections

With Shweta Bhattad, Zuleikha Chaudhari, Başak Ertür, Emilie Gaillard, Shela Sheikh and Radha D’Souza English original version Mar 26, 2022

Audio – 1:19:24

The Nomadic Curriculum – A Manual Series

With Stefan Aue, Beatrice von Bismarck, Chiara Figone, Kayfa ta (Maha Maamoun and Ala Younis), Lama El Khatib, Margareta von Oswald and Jonas Tinius English original version Mar 26, 2022