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Three Doors

Forensic Architecture/Forensis, Initiative 19. Februar Hanau, Initiative in Gedenken an Oury Jalloh Exhibition

Video – 1:24:30

Interim findings of the research conducted around the Waterberg

with Kambanda Veii, Ashkan Cheheltan, Tobechukwu Onwukeme, Agata Nguyen Chuong and Eyal Weizman English original version Presentation & Q+A, Nov 5, 2022

Video – 0:39:34

Developing a legal framework to redress colonialism as a unique crime

Joshua Castellino, introduced and commented on by Sarah Imani English original version Intervention via video, Nov 5, 2022

Video – 2:08:48

German colonialism and genocide: Pleading and negotiating a case for reparations

with Sima Luipert, Mutjinde Katjiua, Vepuka Kauari, Esther Muinjangue, Mbakuma Hengari, moderated by John Nakuta English original version Panel, Nov 5, 2022

Video – 0:59:41

Planetary Compositions Part 4. Artistic documentation of Where is the Planetary?

Mohammad Al Attar, Margarida Mendes, Rebecca Snedeker, Nikiwe Solomon Moderated by Mark Williams English original version Discussions, Oct 16, 2022

Video – 1:50:20

What planetary damage can be repaired? Artistic documentation of Where is the Planetary?

Koki Tanaka, Lisa Baraitser with Mohammad Al Attar, Orit Halpern, Valentina Karga, Margarida Mendes, Nishant Shah, Simon Turner English original version Practice and conversations, Oct 15, 2022

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Where is the Planetary?

A Gathering | In Collaboration with Koki Tanaka Practices and Conversations, Oct 14–16, 2022

Audio – 0:41:42

Women’s Nonfiction in Peru | No Master Territories

Isabel Seguí with Lorena Best, Mauricio Godoy, Sara Guerrero & Patricia Oliart Original version Podcast, June 2022

Video – 1:18:44

Fight Club

With Nika Dubrovsky, Jamie Kelsey-Fry, Savitri D. and Jacques Servin English original version Performance, May 29, 2022

Video – 1:37:13

Violence and Care: The Making of Gender in History

With Claudine Cohen, Karin Harrasser, Angela Melitopoulos, Brigitte Röder, Margarita Tsomou, David Wengrow English original version Roundtable discussion, May 28, 2022

Video – 0:35:25

Imperial Realism

With Rana Dasgupta, A. Dirk Moses, Elif Sarican, David Wengrow, moderated by Anselm Franke English original version Roundtable discussion, May 28, 2022

Video – 0:29:06

A. Dirk Moses: Imperial Realism

English original version Presentation, May 28, 2022