Stéphane Grumbach

Stéphane Grumbach is senior scientist at Inria and a specialist of data. He has worked on complex data types, such as spatial, statistical, as well as biological data, and has designed a compression algorithm for DNA sequences. His main interests are targeted to topics at the intersection of disciplines. His current research focuses on the disruptions of the digital revolution, particularly on intermediation platforms, which transform data to create new economic and societal means. Currently he is director of IXXI, the Complex Systems Institute at ENS Lyon, promoting crossdisciplinary research to address contemporary challenges, and heads the Dice research group from Inria devoted to the Economy of Data. He has been strongly involved in international relations, has spent eight years in China, first as a diplomat and then in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, where he headed the Sino-European IT Lab, LIAMA.

Instructor, Campus 2016 (Alogorithmic Intermediation and Smartness Seminar)