Olivier Hamant

Olivier Hamant is a senior researcher at the National Institute for Agronomical Research (Lyon, France). He is working on feedbacks in plant development using cell biology, mechanics and modeling (see e.g. Hamant O et al., 2008 Science; Uyttewaal et al., 2012 Cell). Most of the concepts developed in this work arise from analogies between disciplines, including social sciences and art. In 2012, he was awarded the “Laurier jeune chercheur INRA” and the Paul Doisteau – Emile Blutet prize from the French Academy for his interdisciplinary work on plants. More recently, he has received a grant from the European Research Council to consolidate this research (ERC “MechanoDevo”). As a member of the Michel Serres Institute on the question of the shortage of resources and public goods, he is strongly interested in the challenges that the Anthropocene raises and has been a participant at the HKW Anthropocene Campus I.

Instructor, Campus 2016 (Alogrithmic Intermediation and Smartness Seminar)