Masahiro Terada

Masahiro Terada is a historian who belongs to Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (Kyoto, Japan) as a visiting associate professor and National Museum of Ethnology (Osaka, Japan) as a research fellow. Started as a socio-economic historian of 18th and 19th century, his research interest shifted to the problem of historical representation, museum anthropology, and narrative and history. Now, based on the method of meta-history, he concentrates on analyzing relationship between environment, history and memory.

He also focuses on the human condition during and after the devastating natural and manmade disasters. Publications: What You Are Waiting for on the Top of the Volcano, or Towards a New ’Scienzia Nuova’ of Humanity and Nature, (Kyoto, 2015, in Japanese); Kioku Hyogen Ron (Memory and Representation), (Kyoto, 2009, in Japanese). Museum Exhibitions: Someday, for somebody: Museum for <partage> of memory after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake (Kobe: CAP House, 2005); Documenting Disaster 1703-2003: Earthquake, Volcanic Explosion, Tsunami, and Reconstruction (Chiba: National Museum of Japanese History, 2003). DVD: Die Kindheit in Kobe (2005).

Instructo, Campus 2016 (Co-Evolutionary Perspectives on the Technosphere Seminar)