Erich Hörl

Erich Hörl is full professor of Media Culture at the Institute of Culture and Aesthetics of Digital Media (ICAM) at Leuphana University Lüneburg. He is also senior researcher at Leuphana's Digital Culture Research Lab (DRCL). His research interests include the elaboration of a general ecology of media and technology as well as the description as well as the critique of the process of cyberneticization. He is the contributing editor of Die technologische Bedingung. Beiträge zur Beschreibung der technischen Welt (Berlin 2011: Suhrkamp) and of Die Transformation des Humanen. Beiträge zur Kulturgeschichte der Kybernetik (Frankfurt/Main 2008: Suhrkamp). Among his articles is A Thousand Ecologies: The Process of Cyberneticization and General Ecology, in The Whole Earth. California and the Disappearance of the Outside, ed. by Diedrich Diederichsen and Anselm Franke, Berlin 2013: Sternberg Press, pp. 121-130.

Instructor, Campus 2016 (Algorithmic Intermediation and Smartness Seminar)