Elaine Gan

Elaine Gan is art director of Aarhus University Research on the Anthropocene (AURA) and a fellow in Architecture & Environmental Structures at the New York Foundation for the Arts. Her research explores multispecies temporalities as technologies of coordination, by focusing on rice and its companions. Her practice combines art, environmental anthropology, and science studies. Recent activities include a curatorial project at Kunsthal Aarhus titled DUMP! Multispecies Making and Unmaking, collaborative research with AURA and Matsutake Worlds Research Group, exhibitions with media collective, World of Matter, and writing on art and political ecology. She is co-editor of a forthcoming book with Anna Tsing, Nils Bubandt, and Heather Swanson, Anthropocene: Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet (Island Press).

Instructor, Campus 2016 (Feral Technologies: Making and Unmaking Multispecies Dumps Seminar)