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    Sat, Jul 1, 2017
    8.30 pm

    Pilipinas: What do you think of the Philippines, Mr. Janetzko? / Selections from the Mowelfund film community

    Archive Art History Film Globalization Modernism (...)
    Globalization “Misfits”: Pages from a loose-leaf modernity

    “Misfits”: Pages from a loose-leaf modernity

    of Kanon-FragenArchive Art History Exhibition Globalization Modernism (...)

    The Readymade Century

    Century will examine the concept in terms of the circulation of goods in the age of globalization, of on (...)

    Dangerous Conjunctures

    Feminism Globalization Nationalism Politics Racism (...)

    Fri, Mar 24, 2017
    8–10 pm

    The Standard of Civilization - From the »Right to Trade« to »Good Governance«

    globalization that is now subject to increased criticism. Political scientist and activist Susan George will (...)
    Globalization Documents, presentations, installation
    Now is the Time of Monsters

    Sat, Mar 25, 2017
    5–8.30 pm

    State Technologies

    Capitalism Democracy Discourse Globalization Nation–State Neoliberalism Network Singapore Syria (...)
    Globalization Presentations, lecture-performances
    Now is the Time of Monsters

    Thu, Nov 5, 2015
    7 pm

    Arjun Appadurai: Indian Popular Cinema in the Making of a Decolonized Modernity

    Hollywood; as an apolitical vehicle of mass entertainment. Ethnologist and globalization researcher Arjun (...)
    and globalization researcher  (...)
    Globalization Keynote Talk

    Curatorial Things

    , affected by the course of globalization, the digitization of all areas of life, and the appreciation in (...)

    Now is the Time of Monsters

    in the relational network of globalization and financial capitalism, and how does this influence our (...)


    were inundated with Christian iconography. Furthermore, structures of globalization are just as (...)

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