Who Narrates War? Perspective: Rwanda

Philip Gourevitch, Milo Rau, Andrea Böhm, Elisabeth Kaneza

Sat, Feb 22, 2014
7 pm
Admission: Two day ticket 12/10 EUR, day ticket 8/6 EUR, single ticket 5/3 EUR

How can the Rwandan genocide be dealt with in narrative? What influence do cultural, religious, and sexual identities have on the perception of war?

Talk with Philip Gourevitch, Milo Rau, Andrea Böhm and Elisabeth Kaneza

Philip Gourevitch is an author, journalist and staff writer for The New Yorker. Served as editor and cultural editor of The Paris Review and The Forward. Gourevitch writes reports and essays on conflicts in Africa, Europe, Asia and the US for numerous international newspapers. He is known for his writings on the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide.

Andrea Böhm has worked for taz and DIE ZEIT as a correspondent in the United States and reported on countries such as Congo, Somalia and South Sudan. Since 2013, she has headed DIE ZEIT’s Middle East office in Beirut.

Milo Rau is a Swiss director, playwright and journalist. In 2009 he established reenactment as a format for political theater. His play Hate Radio is conceived in this way and deals with the hate speeches heard in radio broadcasts prior to the Rwandan genocide.

Elisabeth Kaneza is founder and president of the German-Rwandan youth network Rwanda Connection and communications officer for the Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda in Berlin.