Film & Talk

Who Narrates War? The Gaps between the Pictures 2 - Itsembatsemba: Rwanda One Genocide Later

Eyal Sivan, Cristina Nord

Fri, Feb 21, 2014
Exhibition Hall 1
3 pm
Admission: Two day-ticket 12/10 EUR, day ticket 8/6 EUR, film ticket 6/4 EUR


A film by Alexis Cordesse & Eyal Sivan, F 1996, Digibeta, 13 min, Kinyarwanda original with English subtitles

Photos from Rwanda two years after the 1994 genocide are contrasted with a radio station’s diatribes against the Tutsi.

Followed by a discussion between Cristina Nord and Eyal Sivan on the possibilities of visually representing such catastrophes.

Eyal Sivan is an Israeli documentary filmmaker. In his documentaries and lectures, he focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, political crimes, the political use of memory, genocide and representation. He is the founder and editor of South Cinema Notebooks, a journal for cinema and critical politics.