Geographies of Collaboration I

Writing History

Thu, Oct 3, 2013
11 am
Day ticket films, talks and exhibition 6/4 €

in English

Special Edition Stamp on occasion of the Bandung Conference, 1955

Geographies of Collaboration reflects the framework conditions of the new political order following the “catastrophe of civilization” that was World War Two.

Program: THU 03.10. | FRI 04.10. | SAT 05.10.2013

The image of the twentieth century is dominated by the historico-philosophically charged, bipolar confrontation between liberal universalism and socialist internationalism. The greater and ongoing challenge to the chronicling of history, however, is the revision of the modern era against the background of colonial history and the critique of what the European historical narrative has included and excluded. The first day of “Geographies of Collaboration” examines the fundamental role of Africa in the European construction of universal history, as well as the continuities at the nexus of colonial rule and fascism.

Film screenings in the framework of the conference day:
Moses und Aron (11 a.m.)
Ceddo (1 p.m.)

16h – 18.30h: Adekeye Adebajo, Fred Moten, James T. Hong
18.30h: Break
19h – 20h: Jihan El-Tahri

Program: THU 03.10. | FRI 04.10. | SAT 05.10.2013