The Inhabitants of Images

Rabih Mroué

Wed, Jun 2, 2010
7 pm
Free admission
Rabih Mroué, The Inhabitants of Images, © Courtesy of Rabih Mroué

Rabih Mroué’s semi-documentary theatre explores broader political and economic contexts as well as the politics of representation inscribed in theatrical forms.

Many of his performances are staged as live investigations into the appearance and disappearance of objects, images, words and sounds. Mroué questions their ability to bear witness to Lebanese society, global politics and war. “The Inhabitants of Images” is Mroué’s latest work. It takes its cue from recently found images and videos, depicting surreal events: posters of a diplomatic meeting that could have never taken place, a soldier dressed in a bulletproof suit without a head, and a video of a babushka-like row of martyrs including the artist himself.

With Rabih Mroué