Performances + Films

Oreet Ashery + Larissa Sansour

Wed, Apr 28, 2010
Exhibition Hall 1
9 pm
Admission: Performance (incl. Exhibition) 5 € / 3 €
Oreet Ashery, Raging Balls (performance still, 2008)

An evening of films with Larissa Sansour and Oreet Ashery performing “Scratch Performance: Golani Varanasi" and "Raging Balls", a play that connects politics, art and sex in their remake version of Allen Ginsberg's "Howl".

Time and again, the artist Oreet Ashery slips into male alter egos in widely ranging roles. She reexamines sociopolitical paradigms and illuminates questions of authenticity and subjectivity, taking on the guise of, for example, a Norwegian mail carrier, an Arab, a black, an Orthodox Jew, or a false messiah. Larissa Sansour’s work is an explosive blend of life in the Middle East and elements of pop culture and popular cinema.