transmediale Salon

Critical Consumer Culture

The Digital Greenhouse

Sat, Jan 31, 2009
11 am

Moderated by Brian Holmes with Jan Engelmann (Heinrich Böll Stiftung)

11.00 hrs: Confronting Consumerism

14.00 hrs: Coltan, Congo and Consumer

MobilityIndividual consumer freedom is a myth, just as much as the seemingly pragmatic but not at all sustainable prescriptions for crawling out of the global financial crisis. We will look at the concepts behind our practice and propose tools for sustainability: A critical dialogue into artistic practice with, Ewen Chardronnet (s.a. transmediale Award 2009) and Michiko Nitta (s.a. transmediale Award 2009).

In the second session we will link the Congolese arts organisation MOWOSO (Eleonore Hellio and Dicoco Boketshu in Kinshasa) with Dominque Malaquais, jaromil (s.a. Vilém Flusser Theory Award 2009) and the artists Graham Harwood, Richard Wright and Matsuko Yokokoji (The ‘Tantalum Memorial’ is nominated for the transmediale Award 2009), defying the global satellites that orbit 'our' world via a brief moment of human interaction.

Supported by the Heinrich Boell Foundation.

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