Martin Robinson

and the DJs Derrick Lewis, Joel Vigille, Tony Lenihan, London

Fri, Jun 3, 2005
10 pm
Free admission

A collage of contemporary dance techniques, the movement repertoire of Latin American and Asian martial arts and live, scratched sound patterns.

The DJs will continue with their programme after Martin Robinson's show until 3:00h.

On the stage, the three DJs work at their turntables, creating various rhythms with their scratching. Performer Martin Robinson sits motionless on the ground in a meditative pose, forming a peaceful counterweight to the turbulent performance of the DJs. After a short while, one of his arms starts moving slowly - and then faster - to the scratched rhythm. His movements then become ever more agitated, only to return to subside as he quickly returns to that initial peaceful state. Once more his entire body starts moving to the rhythm in a repertoire of dance and fighting techniques, which creates a compelling collage of dynamic sequences of movements interrupted by meditative moments of calm.

Artistic director, choreography, dance: Martin Robinson

DJs: Derrick Lewis, Joel Vigille, Tony Lenihan

Music by: The Relics: Bad Medicine, JoJo-Blak and Ruff Diamond

Light design: Bill Deverson