Long Night of the Museums: Palace of Modernity

Sat, Aug 30, 2008
6 pm
Admission with special ticket "Long Night of the Museums" (valid for all events, shuttle bus routes and public transport within Berlin ABC transport zones 3 p.m. - 5 a.m.): Adv. Purchase tickets 12€, 8€ conc., box office 15€, 10€ conc.
Photo: Jan Koehler, The House of World Cultures

The former Congress Hall, with its marble and bronze, its gardens and its symbolic roof, was built as a ‘palace of modernity’ in the Tiergarten in 1957. A large exhibition on the origins of architectural modernity in the French colonies of North Africa reveals how Janus-faced this architecture is. The Long Night at the House of World Cultures combines new insights into the development of modern town-planning and architecture with behind-the-scenes glimpses of the palace – with film classics from Hollywood and films and music from and about the Maghreb.


18 h – 2 h Exhibition

In the Desert of Modernity. Colonial Planning and After

Posters, photos, models, paintings and films on the master plans for the modernisation of Algiers, Oran and Casablanca in ‘French North Africa’, the dawning of architectural modernism and the birth of liberation struggles more about the exhibition...

18 h – 23 h at thirty minute intervals

Fast-forward Guided Tours

30-minute tours of the palace and the exhibition

18 h – 20 h

Pearl Hunting in the ‘Oyster’ Building

A crawl cellar, the Mirror Pond and the winged roof

For children between the ages of 8 and 12

18 – 2 h

Filmpalast 1 (Theatre)

The Architecture of Modernity

Documentary film programme

Ein Haus für die Welt – Kongresshalle Berlin, 1958, 12’

Dir.: Th. N. Blomberg

Documentary about the construction of the Congress Hall in Berlin

Leben in der Stadt von morgen, 2007, 90’

Dir.: Marian Engel

Documentary about the 50ies anniversary of the Hansaviertel

18 + 22 h

Filmpalast 2 (Auditorium)

Casablanca,1942, 104’

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in the safe haven of Morocco

Dir.: Michael Curtiz

20 + 24 h

18 – 2 h Palace projections

Pictures and Stories from the Maghreb

Musicals from the 1930s, Moroccan story-tellers and a video-drive round Tangiers

Al Halqa - In the Middle of Archaic Circles (Foyer)

4 Projections 4 Monitors

Immaterial World Cultural Heritage: Halqas

Video installation by Thomas Ladenburger

The Neighborhood Of Sadam

Video material by Irene von Alberti

18 – 2 h

Listening and Watching in the Cloakroom (Upper Foyer)

18 – 2 h

Film documents (Lower Foyer, Ressource Area)

«Le Temps de L’Urbanisme», 1962, 27’, Dir.: Philippe Brunet

«Hollywood sur Nil», 2003, 51’, Dir.: Saida Boukhemal

Slide projections

From the Congress Hall to the House of World Cultures

In’t Veld presents:

House of World Cultures Chocolate-Release

21 and 23 h

Performance (Restaurant)

The Architecure of Images

Berlin Luxury: Super 8 silent-film performance with music

22 and 24 h Live Music in Café Global

Sounds of the Maghreb

Moktar and friends: Rai, Chaabi and Chansons

World Music with Nouri Ben Redjeb

Videoloop Voyage Maroc

18 - 2 h

New Moon Lounge on the Roof Terrace

Cuisine and Beverages

Moroccan mezze, French gateaux, American cocktails, Chocolate and Peppermint Tea