Two-day film workshop

Feminist Film.RE.making

Sat, Jun 25, 2022
Conference Room 1
11 am–5 pm
10€/7€ (for both days)
Sun, Jun 26, 2022
Conference Room 1
11 am–5 pm
10€/7€ (for both days)

In German

16 and up

Max. 10 participants

Two days, participation is expected on both days

Your own smartphone, tablet or video camera is required for participation


What can we learn from the feminist films of the 1970-1990s? Is it possible to reactivate the impact they had then? How can we access works of feminist film history anew from our own perspective?

Based on film scenes and video works from the exhibition No Master Territories. Feminist Filmmaking and the Moving Image, the two-day workshop Feminist Film.RE.making will use participants’ own smartphones to explore and activate the possibilities of feminist filmmaking. Through re-staging, remaking or in free explorations of the works in the exhibition, participants will approach their own topic, which will be elaborated and realized on film during the two-day workshop, accompanied by professional filmmakers.

With Aline Bonvin and Svea ImmelTINT Filmkollektiv

No prior knowledge is necessary. Filming will be done with cell phones, tablets or video cameras, editing is done with cell phones, tablets or laptops. You must bring your own equipment for recording and editing. Please send questions about this to .