D: Philip Scheffner, Germany 2016, 93 min | Showing first: Hawamesh Aan Al-Hegra, 10 Min

Sat, Jul 24, 2021
10 pm
Open-air in HKW's Westgarten
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Havarie (film still)


On 14.09.2012 at 2:56pm, the cruise liner Adventure of the Seas reports to the Spanish Maritime Rescue Centre the sighting of a dinghy adrift with 13 persons on board. From a YouTube clip and biographical scenes evolves a choreography reflecting the past, present and future of the voyagers on the Mediterranean.

Showing first:

Hawamesh Aan Al-Hegra

D: Take to the Sea, Lina Attalah & Mohamed A. Gawad, Egypt 2016, 10 min
On one side a projection of a scrutinized sun – pixilated and zoomed in from the video footage – on the other an assemblage of video fragments of an unfinished documentary that attempted to describe experiences of migration by sea from the north coast of Egypt to Europe.