Online program: Discourse, presentations, conversations

Pohflepp in Practice

Revisiting the work and world of artist & designer Sascha Pohflepp

Sat, Dec 5, 2020
6–9.30 pm
In English
Sascha Pohflepp and Chris Woebken, The House in the Sky, 2015

Sascha Pohflepp was an artist, writer, and designer obsessed with biology, machines, systems, and rockets. His prolific practice interwove the scientific, synthetic and speculative with an almost superhuman curiosity. Sascha passed away unexpectedly in Berlin in June 2019, in the midst of developing a theory and method he called “post-rational design.” His creative legacy is now dispersed across disciplines, platforms, and countries, carried forward by a vast network of people he connected with. Pohflepp in Practice revisits Sascha’s works and practices through talks by collaborators reflecting on his wonderfully strange ways of working, thinking, and being.


Stephanie Sherman & Calum Bowden: Welcome & Intro
Chris Woebken: Making of Situated Sampling Set, Declimatize and The House In the Sky
Benjamin Bratton: Post-Rational Design
Christina Agapakis: Responses to Post-Rational Design
Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg: Growth Assembly
Matthew Lutz: Those Who
Luis Campos: Chance Encounters of Life
Pascal Gagneux: Anthropogeny
Anthony Dunne & James Auger: The Golden Institute and Counterfactuals
Jussi Ängeslevä: Between Blinks and Buttons
Lindsay Eyink:The Greatest Show is Leaving, Rockets & Chance
Sam Hart: Cybernetic Library
Delfina Fantini van Ditmar: A Glimpse into the Pohflepp Mind, Visuals by Pekka Airaxin
Taeyoon Choi: Poetic Science of Many Futures
Karolina Sobecka: Clouds
Inmi Lee & Kyle McDonald: Mother (bogle/bbogle)
Elvia Wilk: A Spaceship

Talks will be streamed through an interactive archiving platform that allows visitors to chat during the presentations and connect for discussion afterwards, and will serve as the foundation for an ongoing archive of Sascha’s work. Including contributions by: Christina Agapakis, Pekka Airaxin, Jussi Ängeslevä, James Auger, Arthur Röing Baer, Calum Bowden, Benjamin Bratton, Luis Campos, Taeyoon Choi, Delfina Fantini van Ditmar, Anthony Dunne, Lindsay Eyink, Pascal Gagneux, Parrr Geng, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Sam Hart, Matthew Lutz, Anna Mikkola, Stephanie Sherman, Karolina Sobecka, Rasmus Svensson, Elvia Wilk, and Chris Woebken.

In cooperation with Trust Berlin, Eyebeam NYC and the Visual Arts Department at the University of California San Diego