Hanna Hartman, Els Vandeweyer, Window Magic

In cooperation with Ausland

Sat, Aug 1, 2020
8 pm
Sold out!
8 pm Window Magic
8.40 pm Els Vandeweyer
9.20 pm Hanna Hartman

Open air on the roof terrace
Hanna Hartman, © Helga Brekkan

Hanna Hartman

You can hear the world in Hanna Hartman’s music. Whether in her works for radio, electroacoustic music or in her installations, the multi-award-winning composer weaves sounds together that she records during her travels. The collected sounds and Hartman’s world experience are a genuine experience for her audience. All the more so because she integrates everyday objects like hoses and bowls as instruments in her performances.

Els Vandeweyer, © Lothar Fietzek

Els Vandeweyer

The vibraphone is a special instrument. It takes special musicians to compose for it. With her album Debut (2019), Els Vandeweyer proved she is one of them. The studio and stage partner of artists as diverse as Hans Unstern and the Serenus Zeitblom Octet also exhibited her jazz background by covering Thelonious Monk. The focus, however, was on weightless abstractions permeated with tense rhythms.

Window Magic, © Anne Bonkowksi

Window Magic

With his Window Magic project, Andreas Bonkowski goes back to where it all started for him: the tape deck. The musician, otherwise active in the indie segment, has been experimenting with cassette manipulations since 2011, which he arranges with a selection of synths to create atmospheric collages. Too nostalgic for noise, too gripping for ambient: Window Magic not only works out completely new music from old material, but also moves in its own sphere with his ghostly compositions.