1000 Serpentinen Angst

Reading performance with Banafshe Hourmazdi, Minh Duc Pham, Malu Peeters and Olivia Wenzel

Thu, Jul 30, 2020
7.30 pm
Sold out!
In German

Open air on the roof terrace
Film still from 1000 serpentinen angst (trailer), © Hai Anh Trieu, Olivia Wenzel, Philipp Rühr

“I have more privileges than anyone in my family has ever had. And still I’m screwed. I’m hated by more people than my grandmother can imagine. On the day of the Bundestag election, I spend 20 minutes using this claim to try and talk her out of voting for a right-wing party.”

Polyphonic and witty, Olivia Wenzel writes about loss and anxiety disorders, origin and racism, about flirting with capitalism and recurring encounters with snack vending machines. About five months have passed since the publication of her debut novel 1000 Serpentinen Angst – time for an interim assessment: How was the novel received by whom and why? What absurdities transpired during Instagram readings? And what questions have not been asked yet?

The performance intertwines various types of feedback: public, private, tonal. Readings, video works, live music and talks associatively merge. The question “Where are you now?” with which the first-person narrator of the novel is constantly confronted, is the center of gravity, productive digressing from this question is the motto.

By and with Banafshe Hourmazdi, Malu Peeters, Minh Duc Pham and Olivia Wenzel