Robert Lippok, Christian Naujoks

Sat, Jul 25, 2020
8 pm
8 pm Christian Naujoks
9 pm Robert Lippok

Open air on the roof terrace
Robert Lippok, © Silvia Steinhäuser

Robert Lippok

Robert Lippok has always been ahead of the times. As the central figure of the GDR underground and a member of the groups Ornament und Verbrechen and To Rococo Rot, he has shaped the local scene again and again. This also applies to his extensive solo work. On his last album Applied Autonomy, Lippok condensed and layered club music sketches into complex sound sculptures. As a producer alongside Alex Braga, he explores the possibilities of his AI software.

Christian Naujoks, © Ela Bialkowska

Christian Naujoks

Music as, in, and for art: this is how Christian Naujoks sums up his work and this still doesn’t say everything about the emotional charisma of his compositions, which are both abstract and intensely discernible. Conceptual questions guide this as well as a profound melancholy, which last flourished in 2016 on the ambient album Wave, on which he painted dense soundscapes with his minimalist guitar playing.