Lectures and panel discussions

Refiguring Spaces #2: Security, control and power

Thu, Jun 6, 2019
6–8 pm
Free admission
In German
Photo: Stefanie Bürkle and Jürgen Baumann , Stefanie Bürkle, Studio and Laboratory, Space Technology Control Center, TU Berlin, © VG Bild Kunst Bonn 2018

Control centers are rooms equipped with the latest information systems for monitoring, regulating and controlling things like urban infrastructures. What do these control centers look like? How do electronic media change the communicative action in these centers and the control of the outside space? Two sociologists from the Collaborative Research Center on Refiguring Spaces at the TU Berlin bring perspectives from practice and science into conversation.

With Carsten Jungmann, Leon Hempel, moderated by Arne Janz, David Joshua Schröder, curated by Janin Walter, Stefanie Bürkle, Séverine Marguin

More about the project: sfb1265.de

Refiguring Spaces is an event series by Collaborative Research Center 1265 Refiguring Spaces at the TU Berlin at Haus der Kulturen der Welt