ARCH+ features 82

Tue, Dec 11, 2018
Conference Room 1
7 pm
Free admission
In German

In cooperation

FAR frohn&rojas, Isometrie Emdener Straße, Berlin

Standardized architecture: With the enlightenment, architecture began to introduce standards such as building information modeling with the aim of being able to build faster and cheaper, but also more safely. In the twentieth century, the ideal of standardization then merged with the idea of social and technical progress. Despite all appeals to cultural specificity, standards today shape processes and products all around the world. But is ensuring quality really their primary purpose? Or don’t they also support a neoliberal market system? A discussion with the architects Marc Frohn (rojas), Tobias Nolte, and Oda Pälmke for the release of ARCH+ 233 and ARCH+ 234, moderated by Philipp Oswalt.