Family workshop

Wir sind das Werk!

Sun, Oct 7, 2018
3 pm
Ages 6 and up

In German

Usually we imagine an artist as someone who works on a piece of art alone in a studio. Many members of the Situationist International had a very different approach: They didn’t want to be lonely geniuses, but to playfully understand and change the world together.

It’s noticeable in their artworks, many of which they produced collectively. In this workshop, children and adults, together with artist Ulla Hahn, will think about what their own living environment would look like if it could be created anew. With artistic methods, the ideas will be translated directly into action! It’s not about achieving a perfect result immediately, but above all about (re-)learning collective creativity.

Ulla Hahn studied painting at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf where she was a master student of David Rabinowitch. The visual artist and art teacher lives and works in Berlin.