Film screening

Arp - der unsterbliche Dada

D: Ronald Granz, 1986, D, 44 min, original German version

Thu, Jul 5, 2018
Conference Room 1
8 pm
Admission is free with an exhibition ticket, film only: 3€/2€
In German

The documentary film Arp – der unsterbliche Dada traces Jean Arp’s artistic biography from his birth to liberal-thinking parents in German Strasbourg in 1886 to his decisive participation in the Dada phenomenon in Zürich and in the Surrealist movement under André Breton in Paris, his influential collaboration with Sophie Taeuber-Arp to his late creative period in Switzerland. The film features interviews with Arp’s former companions as well as the artist, who died in 1966. The superimposition of sound recordings and close-ups of his poems, reliefs and sculptures reveals the simultaneous significance of lyrical and sculptural creation in Arp’s work.

With an introduction by Tom Holert, screened in the presence of the director Ronald Granz.

This evening, as part of the Neolithic Nights, the exhibition will be open until midnight.