Char... the No Man’s Island

D: Sourav Sarangi, IND / J / I / DK / N 2013, 88 min, OV with English subtitles

Thu, Aug 3, 2017
10 pm
Admission: Evening ticket (2 concerts + film) 12–28€, Film only 6€/4€ (available at the evening box office)

Inside because of poor weather forecast

Char (film still), © Son et Lumière

The microcosm of a river island between rice smuggling and the moods of the Ganges

Ten years ago the young boy Rubel lost his home to the Ganges which robbed the people between India and Bangladesh of their land. However, it also created something new—like the island of Char, the result of the construction of a dam, where Rubel now lives in a fragile no-man’s land. In order to make a living for his family he smuggles rice: a perilous job, with the Ganges already threatening to swallow up the little island again. Apocalyptic and enchanting images of life on a river which takes and seldom gives.