Technosphärenklänge #3: Concerts

With cellF, Evelina Domnitch, Dmitry Gelfand, Schneider TM and Robert Henke

Fri, May 12, 2017
7 pm
Admission: 22€/18€
Lumière III, © Robert Henke

7 pm: cellF with Schneider TM
8 pm: Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand: Force Field
9 pm: Robert Henke: Lumière III

Technosphärenklänge #3 presents the third instalment of the series for intermedial sound projects conceived in cooperation with the CTM Festival which operate at the interface between art and technoscience. Lectures and talks developed together with the Art Laboratory Berlin explain the technological and scientific foundations and discuss the projects’ social implications. In all three projects the artistic work is insolubly linked to intensive research as well as the ongoing cooperation with scientists and technologists.

cellF , © Guy Ben-Ary

cellF with Schneider TM

cellF represents a radically new conception of what a musical instrument can be. With Guy Ben-Ary’s and collaborators (media artist Nathan Thompson, electric engineer Dr. Andrew Fitch, musician Darren Moore, stem-cell researcher Dr. Michael Edel, neuro-scientist Dr. Stuart Hodgetts, and neuro-engineer Dr. Douglas Bakkum) cellF human neurons form the living “control unit“ of an autonomous analog electronic synthesizer which, as a result, is capable of playing together with human musicians. Stine Janvin and Schneider TM will each play a concert with cellF. During the performances their sounds will be fed into cellF’s neural network in the form of electrical impulses. This then reacts to these impulses, giving expression to its response through the modular synthesizer. Thus an improvised, post-human piece of music emerges from the communication between human and non-human musicians.

cellF by Guy Ben-Ary, Nathan Thompson, Andrew Fitch, Darren Moore, Mike Edel, Stuart Hodgetts, Douglas Bakkum

Force Field , © Dmitry Gelfand

Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand: Force Field

Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand’s performance project Force Field employs acoustic levitation in order to freely suspend water drops in a sound field. Resonating with the sound waves, the drops form temporary states which give a unique visual expression to the three dimensionality of sound. At the same time the vibrations of the drops are re-translated back into sound so that the physical peculiarities of the water function as sound producers.

Robert Henke: Lumière III

In the performance Lumière III Robert Henke combines multi-channel sound with high energy laser projections to create an immersive environment which plays with the characteristics of the human perceptual apparatus and multimodal sensory processing. Light and music, optical and psychoacoustic effects interact, mutually transforming each other. With his phenomenological spectacle, Henke also points to the frequently denied material basis of information processing.