Baloji, The Blue Notes Tribute Orkestra, Thabang Tabane, Conlon Nancarrow

Fri, Apr 7, 2017
from 6 pm
Evening ticket: 13€/10€
Baloji , © Promo

6 pm: Conlon Nancarrow’s Player Piano | Vortragssaal
7 pm: Thabang Tabane | Auditorium
8.30 pm: The Blue Notes Tribute Orkestra | Auditorium
10 pm: Baloji | Auditorium

Conlon Nancarrow’s Player Piano
Conlon Nancarrow’s rhythmically complex, polyvocal compositions go beyond the bounds of what is playable for the human individual. In 1947, disappointed by the limited possibilities of ten fingers, he turned to writing exclusively for the player piano, stamping his compositions single-handedly into punch cards. Dominic Murcott has adapted such a piano for Nancarrow’s compositions. At the HKW he will be performing Studies for Player Piano – completely without a pianist. With an introduction to the work from Dominic Murcott and José Wolffer

Thabang Tabane
The Malombo sound was revolutionary in 1960s South Africa: Philip Tabane’s electric guitar and Julian Bahula’s malombo drums. Tabane’s son, and percussionist for many years, Thabang Tabane, carries on his music.

The Blue Notes Tribute Orkestra
With The Blue Notes Tribute Orkestra a new generation of Jazz musicians pays homage to one of South Africa’s most important bands. Forced into exile, the Blue Notes set new standards in Jazz with their progressive way of playing.

Baloji’s sound is an amalgamation of consumer criticism and club beats, French Rap and Congolese Rumba Lingala. He will be accompanied live by the Orchestre de la Katuba around Dizzy Mandjeku, legendary guitarist from Franco & TPOK Jazz.