Dom Flemons, The Americans, Guido Möbius

Sun, May 1, 2016
8.30 pm
Admission: 14€/10€
Dom Flemons, © promo

10 pm: The Americans

9 pm: Dom Flemons

8.30 pm: Guido Möbius

The Americans, © Cody Edison

The Americans

10 pm | Auditorium

Electric guitar meets banjo and contrabass: the four-piece band around singer Patrick Ferris combines Old Time Folk with influences from classic Rock and Roll, Country, and Blues. Their CD Home Recordings was recorded in a Los Angeles cellar in 2013. American Epic Sessions shows them on the big screen; at Pop 16 they will play short acoustic sets following each screening of the documentary series. In conclusion to the festival they will present their repertoire in a live concert.

Dom Flemons

9 pm | Auditorium

The black roots of banjo poetry: inspired by old records, Dom Flemons adapted the American Old-Time style on traditional string instruments. In Piedmont, North Carolina, the epicenter of the black string-band revival around master fiddler Joe Thompson, he founded the Carolina Chocolate Drops, who in 2011 received a Grammy for their album Genuine Negro Jig.

Dom Flemons – I Can't Do It Anymore

Guido Möbius, © Manuel Miethe

Guido Möbius: Pork & Beauty Old Time Jazz Solo

8.30 pm | Café Global

Old Time Jazz in the loop: before Jazz was known as Jazz it was called Ragtime — bordello music with jumping Oompah bass and rhythmical finesse shocking to white ears. When there was no pianist, the hits were played mechanically on the pianola. The loop-wizard Guido Möbius opens his circuits to the ragged grooves of the pre-Swing era.