Language and Communication, Social Life, Internet-access

Working groups and final presentations

Sat, Mar 5, 2016
11 am–2 pm

In English

Refugees, volunteers, activists, digital developers, theorists and artists gather to discuss tools and strategies for refugee’s self-organization. The situation in Germany is changing dramatically. New challenges are coming up. What needs to be done? What is important for empowerment and self-organization? In working groups, refugees and non-refugees activists and their supporters meet to analyze the current needs and develop responses.

Three parallel workshops are working on the following themes. Registration needed.

Language / Communication
Language is essential for self-determination, but residence status determines access to German classes. What approaches promote communicative competence? How can communications with public authorities be optimized?
With Interaction Leipzig, App-Programmer Erik Stappenbeck and others, Moderation: Silvia Fehrmann

Social life (play, creativity, community, public space, social media etc.)
Space and time for socializing, creativity and play are part of a life in dignity. These basic needs are lacking in mass shelters for refugees. How does community participation develop? What role do digital access and social media play in it?
With Refugee Club Impulse, Amei von Hülsen-Poensgen (Willkommen im Westend), Moderation: Diana McCarty

Internet Access
Internet access is essential for self-determination. For years, self-organized refugee organizations such as Women in Exile und Refugee Emancipation have advocated providing Internet access in refugee housing. What schemes are most effective?
With Women in Exile & Refugee Emancipation, Moderation: Eben Chu

1.30 pm public presentation