Touch of the Real

With Hana Kim and Alex Gerbaulet

Thu, Feb 4, 2016
Lecture Hall
3.30–5.30 pm

Heidi Tikka's On the Threshold of Liberty opens with the peeling of an onion. The artist peels the onion with the help of a table knife, piece by piece, layer by layer, and so prefaces her film with a metaphor of the self represented not as a whole or as a duality of body and mind, but as a process of continual overlaying.

The words and images we use to try and capture the worlds within and around us reveal no ultimate truths: behind each layer is another; every story lays a new story bare. The films and videos in this program explore the complex nature of social relationships through experimental arrangements and radically subjective montages of documentary footage and archival material.

Fallende Scheibe, Dieter Kiessling, West Germany 1986, 1'

On the Threshold of Liberty, Heidi Tikka, FI 1992, 11'

Schicht, Alex Gerbaulet, DE 2015, 28'

Trace Elements, Gunvor Nelson, SE 2003, 9'

Der bittere Apfel vom Stamm, Hana Kim, DE 2014, 29'