Victor Gama und das Kammerensemble Neue Musik: Vela 6911

Fri, Jan 15, 2016
7.30 pm
Admission: Evening ticket 10€/8€
Victor Gama, © Niklas Zimmer

A symphonic poem about an alleged atomic explosion in Antarctica: In 1979 the satellite Vela 6911 registered a double flash of light near Prince Edward Islands, indicating an atomic test.

The log of a South African Navy officer describes the destructive effect on the Antarctic landscape. The Angolan-Portuguese composer combines the text with sounds of self-made instruments, Acrux, Toha, Dino or Celeto, and video projections of his own expedition to the ice.

Victor Gama (Composer, Acrux, Toha, Dino)
Salomé Pais Matos (Toha)
Rui Pinhero (Conductor)
Paulo Machado (Sound)
Rui Peralta (Show Control)

Kammerensemble Neue Musik:
Hanno Koloska (Bassoon)
Alexandre Babel (Kettledrums)
Theodor Flindell (Violin)
Thomas Bruns (Production)
Michael Yokas (Violin)
Kirstin Maria Pientka (Viola)
Chang-Yun Yoo (Viola)
Cosima Gerhardt (Violoncello)
Anna Morena (Violoncello)